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Bill Quickel's - Insurance Plus Agencies Inc. Blog

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Volunteer Recognition for your Church We often talk about the safety, organization and management of volunteers.  They do a lot for our organizations and are valued members of our dedicated team.  The role they play may be large or small.  In either case our daily operations are in enhanced by their services. READ MORE >>

As we get older, our instincts don’t respond like they used to. Sometimes that means it is harder to react quickly while driving. What’s more, changes in your vision and hearing can impact your ability to drive. Some seniors get a bit nervous knowing this. You should not be afraid to drive. READ MORE >>

Carbon Monoxide In Winter, many of us are exposed to a seasonal chill that is simply alarming most days. The burst of artic air when you head outdoors is hard to ignore during those winter months. As a result, it comes as no surprise that many choose to limit their outdoor activities in favor of warmer indoor options. READ MORE >>

Burn Awareness The first week of February is designated Burn Awareness Week.  It only takes a second for a burn to occur and this month we encourage you to do a little preventative work in the name of burn safety. First Aid Burns are typically categorized as 1st degree, 2nd degree or 3rd degree. READ MORE >>

Why is it that some businesses fail quickly, while others turn into multi-million dollar companies? As the owner, you have more power than you might think. One way to make sure that you have a successful business is to follow best practices from others. Here are six habits you can put in place today: READ MORE >>

John Glenn Columbus International Airport invites individuals to enroll in the popular TSA Pre✓® expedited screening program from March 5-16.   READ MORE >>

 Federal Disaster Assistance is not a good alternative to flood insurance.  Even when an event is large enough to receive the presidential approval required to release FEMA funding, Federal disaster assistance is not a good alternative to flood insurance. READ MORE >>

Pending Map Changes Flood map updates create a marketing opportunity for you. To help you prepare and work proac-tively ahead of the release of an updated FIRM affecting your existing and potential new clients, we have listed the FIRM releases scheduled for the next 2 months below. READ MORE >>

How Frequently are Flood Maps Updated? The answer is there’s no single answer. Although FEMA is supposed to update their flood maps regularly, that rarely happens. As a result, some active flood maps are 20 or even 30 years old. Some of the factors that get in the way of FEMA’s attempts to update their flood maps include: READ MORE >>

So It's MONDAY again - Just two days in a week! Ever wonder why their are just two days in the week?  Yep - Monday morning and Friday night - then POW it's Monday again.  Sometimes I don't even remember what I did over the weekend.  No not from something illegal - I'm just saying we try to do so much we don't know what we have done. READ MORE >>

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